About the project

The information portal was created under the project “Cross-border center for information and communication Dolj – Vratsa” on Cross-border cooperation Programme between Romania and Bulgaria.
Together with the Dolj County – leading partner Regional Library “Alexander and Aristarchus Amman” in the city of Craiova, Vratsa District Administration and Regional Library “Hristo Botev” – Vratsa are constructed Romanian-Bulgarian cultural – information centers in the towns of Vratsa and Craiova in citizens of the two border regions are free to use means of communication – IP phones, Internet and videoconferencing. Thus the two communities can learn about each other with life and culture of the population of the neighboring country, with opportunities for tourism and business can discuss and solve common problems.

Regional Library “Hristo Botev” digitized 5 collections in the section “Local History”:

Collection “Postcards”:
It contains postcards, leaflets and brochures in different languages – front and back, with the themes: “Vratsa Balkan”, “Square” Hr. Botev “,” Natural and cultural-historical monuments”,”Easter Cards”,”Christmas and New Year’s cards”, “Vratsa Balkan” and “Holy places – churches and monasteries”.

Collection “Photographs”:

Black and white and color photographs, front and back from different periods of the twentieth century, with the themes: “Vratsa and Vratsa region”, “Customs and Traditions”, “Celebrations and Traditions”, “Traditional dress”, “Library and library life”, “Schools”, “Churches and monasteries”, “Natural landmarks” and others.

Collection “Authentic folklore – records”:

Transferred and processed by analog sound carriers (tape reels, audio tapes) in digital form folk songs, legends, stories regional studies, tales and traditions – festive folk calendar, traditional crafts and employment, children’s games and spells, National meteorology and medicine.

Collection “Heritage – books, collections and commemorative sheets”:

Books in the series of publications Regional Library “Hristo Botev” “Homeland” and “Heritage”; Almanacs and collections of regional studies, commemorative editions. In this collection are the materials (texts and presentations) conducted by 10 regional local lore conference “The past of the native land – message to the future.”

Collection “Hristo Botev”:

Books, collections, commemorative sheets and other documents (posters, programs, invitations, etc.) connected with the tradition of Botev’s celebrations, the campaign “Kozloduy-Okolchitsa” and others. Thematic collection includes also rare local editions dedicated to Hristo Botev and Botev’s revolutionaries; the places where Botev and his detachment had some respite from of Kozloduy to Vratsa Balkan.

We created this common web portal between the two largest public libraries in two border districts – Vratsa and Dolj, which provide free access of the population of Bulgaria and Romania to the wealth of valuable digital collections of both libraries.

The project started in March 2013. The total value is 3 280 442,62 euro, of which 206 698,03 euro are provided for activities Regional library “Hristo Botev”. The project duration is 30 months.